The Best Abs workout bodybuilding at home: 4 Exercises to practice abdominal muscles

The Best Abs workout bodybuilding at home: 4 Exercises to practice abdominal muscles

The perfect figure is what everyone wants, and the person with good shape will have better physical fitness, especially those who like fitness. The vest line that has been popular in recent years is actually a kind of abdomen that has no flesh and has lines, and there is still a certain difference from ordinary abdominal muscles. But no matter what it is, as long as our abdomen is flat and the body is healthy, then we will all be satisfied.

Nevertheless, if you have some abdominal muscles, you may look sexier. Here are a few ways to help you practice your abdominal muscles. After a period of time, you can see the effect.

Method 1: Freehand squat

This method is different from the ordinary squat. You can put your hands together and your body will slowly squat. It is best to keep your calves at 90 degrees. The action is slow, so the effect will be much better, of course, it will be more tired. 

Method 2: supine knee bends

If you want to practice the abdominal muscles, you must do some targeted exercise. The supine knee is bent at about 90 degrees. The hands are naturally lifted, and then the upper body slowly rises. You can practice five times, 10 every time.

In fact, after practicing twice, it is already very tired. In order to let yourself persist, you don't have to be too strong in quantity. Just start to look at your personal abilities and you can do as much as you can.

Method 3:supine leg extension

The body is lying flat, legs are lifted, legs are separated, and then put together, repeat this action, keep it five times a day, ten times each time, and then slowly increase, because you need other exercises to practice your abdominal muscles, just started You must not ask for a quick time, or you will not be able to keep going.

Method 4: Coordination of other aerobic exercises

While practicing the abdominal muscles, it is also necessary to cooperate with other sports. Because fat-reducing and slimming is a process, It won’t lose weight right away if you want to lose weight right away. At first, exercise slimming, the body's fat is all reduced. And need to cooperate with some aerobic exercise, such as running, swimming, which can improve the efficiency of fat reduction, and also help the abdominal muscles.

It takes time to practice the abdominal muscles, but if you master the good method and stick to it, it is not impossible to see the effect within one month.